Prints are available in sizes ranging from 5x7 inches to 13x19 inches and are printed on archival paper (normally Canon) with a matte, semi-gloss, or lustre finish depending on the subject and feel of the photo.  Prints may be purchased with or without matting. Matboards are archival quality (normally Alphamat Artcare) and are available in a neutral off-white. Although “to mat or not mat” is entirely personal preference, do consider that matting affords protection for the print as it prevents it from touching the glass.

Please note that frames in the examples are not for sale; rather, they are for illustration purposes only.

Also, note that images viewed on your computer monitor may have slight colour variations from the printed photograph.  Likewise, cropping may be required for certain sizes.

Pricing for common sizes is as follows (CDN $):

5x7 un-matted:       $12.00                     5x7 matted to fit 8x10 frame:        $18.00

8x10 un-matted:     $30.00                     8x10 matted to fit 11x14 frame:    $36.00

8x12 un-matted:     $33.00                     8x12 matted to fit 12x16 frame:    $40.00

11x14 un-matted:   $52.00                     11x14 matted to fit 16x20 frame:  $64.00

12x18 un-matted:   $60.00                     12x18 matted to fit 18x24 frame:  $76.00

To order, please email me with your selection, and I will place a custom listing on my Etsy site, which will allow you to purchase with a credit card or PayPal. 

You will also find information regarding shipping costs, methods and times on my Etsy site.